ControllerRevision is an immutable snapshot of state. It's primarily intended for internal use by controllers. For example, it's used by the DaemonSet and StatefulSet controllers for update and rollback.

Here's an example Kubernetes ControllerRevision:

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: ControllerRevision
  name: example
  key: value
revision: 1

The following sections contain detailed information about each field in Short syntax, including how the field translates to and from Kubernetes syntax.

API Overview

Field Type K8s counterpart(s) Description
version string apiVersion The version of the resource object
cluster string metadata.clusterName The name of the cluster on which this Job is running
name string The name of the Job
namespace string metadata.namespace The K8s namespace this Job will be a member of
labels string metadata.labels Metadata about the Job, including identifying information
annotations string metadata.annotations Non-identifying information about the Job
data YAML data This field can hold any valid YAML.
revision int64 The revision number

Examples / Skeleton

Here's a starter skeleton of a Short ControllerRevision.

  name: example
    key: value
  revision: 1