Custom Resource Definition (CRD) represents a resource type to expose in the API server.

kind: CustomResourceDefinition
  # name must match the spec fields below, and be in the form: <plural>.<group>
  version: v1
  scope: Namespaced
    plural: crontabs
    singular: crontab
    kind: CronTab
    - ct

The following sections contain detailed information about each field in Short syntax, including how the field translates to and from Kubernetes syntax.

API Overview

Field Type K8s counterpart(s) Description
version string apiVersion The version of the resource object
cluster string metadata.clusterName The name of the cluster on which this CRD is running
name string The name of the CRD. It must be of the form <plural>.<group>
namespace string metadata.namespace The K8s namespace this CRD will be a member of
labels string metadata.labels Metadata about the CRD, including identifying information
annotations string metadata.annotations Non-identifying information about the CRD
meta CRD Meta spec.version spec.names Metadata about the resource defined by the CRD. See CRD Meta
scope "namespaced" or "cluster" spec.scope Whether the resource is namespaced or cluster-scoped. Defaults to "namespaced" if omitted.
validation JSONSchemaProps Optional OpenAPI schema for the defined resource type.
conditions []CRD Condition status.conditions The list of current and previous conditions of the CRD. See CRD Condition
accepted CRD Names spec.names The names actually being used for the discovery service. See CRD Names

CRD Meta

CRD Meta is CRD Names + group and version.

Field Type Description
group string The API group for the API resource. e.g. core
version string The API version for the API resource definition. e.g. v1
plural string Lowercase plural name for the API resource.
singular string Lowercase singular name for the API resource. Defaults to lowercase of kind.
short []string Lowercase abbreviated names for use in the command line.
kind string Capitalized camel-case name for the resource. Usually singular. e.g. Pod
list string Defaults to <kind>List. e.g. PodList

CRD Condition

Field Type Description
reason string One word camel case reason for CRD's last transition
msg string Human readable message about the CRD's last transition
status ConditionStatus String value that represents the status of the condition. Can be "True", "False" or "Unknown"
type CRDConditionType String value that represents the type of condition. Can be "established", "names-accepted" or "terminating"
last_change time Last time the condition status changed