PersistentVolume is a storage resource

API group Resource Kube Skeleton
core/v1 PersistentVolume skel

Here's an example Kubernetes PersistentVolume:

  apiVersion: v1
  kind: PersistentVolume
    name: pv0003
      storage: 5Gi
      - ReadWriteOnce
    persistentVolumeReclaimPolicy: Recycle
    storageClassName: slow
      - hard
      - nfsvers=4.1
      path: /tmp

The following sections contain detailed information about each field in Short syntax, including how the field translates to and from Kubernetes syntax.

API Overview

Field Type K8s counterpart(s) Description
version string apiVersion The version of the resource object
cluster string metadata.clusterName The name of the cluster on which this PersistentVolumeClaim is running
name string The name of the PersistentVolumeClaim
namespace string metadata.namespace The K8s namespace this PersistentVolumeClaim will be a member of
labels string metadata.labels Metadata about the PersistentVolumeClaim, including identifying information
annotations string metadata.annotations Non-identifying information about the PersistentVolumeClaim
storage_class string spec.storageClassName The number of storageclass required by the claim
access_modes []string spec.accessModes Desired access mode the volume should have. See Access Modes
storage string spec.resources.requests.limit Amount of storage the volume should have (eg. 4Gi)
reclaim string reclaimPolicy reclaim policy for dynamically provisioned persistent volumes. Defaults to delete. See Reclaim Policy
mount_opts []string mountOptions Mount options for dynamically provisioned persistent volumes
claim ObjectReference spec.claimRef Binding reference to persistent volume claim holding this reference
vol_type string - Reference to the backend volume resource. See Volume Sources
... - - Based on the volume type chosen, the appropriate fields for that volume type should be filled into the resource

Volume Sources

Volume Source Volume Type Link
AWS Elastic Block Store aws_ebs aws_ebs
Azure Disk azure_disk azure_disk
Azure File azure_file azure_file
Ceph FS cephfs cephfs
Cinder cinder cinder
Fibre Channel fc fc
Flex flex flex
Flocker flocker flocker
GCE Persistent Disk gce_pd gce_pd
GlusterFS glusterfs glusterfs
Host Path host_path host_path
ISCSI iscsi iscsi
NFS nfs nfs
Photon Persistent Disk photon photon
Portworx portworx portworx
QuoByte quobyte quobyte
RBD rbd rbd
ScaleIO scaleio scaleio
Storage OS storageos storageos
VSphere Volume vsphere vsphere

The next section describes the short syntax for each of the volume source types

Access Modes

Access Mode Description
rw_once Can be mounted read/write mode to exactly 1 host
ro_many Can be mounted read only mode to many hosts
rw_many Can be mounted read/write mode to many hosts

Object Reference

Field Type K8s counterpart(s)
kind string kind
namespace string namespace
name string name
uid string uid
version string version
resource_version string resourceVersion
field_path string fieldPath


  modes: rw-once
  mount_opts: hard,nfsvers=4.1
  name: pv0003
  reclaim: recycle
  storage: 5Gi
  storage_class: slow
  version: v1
  vol_type: nfs
  fs: ext4
    type: amazonEBS
  modes: rw-once
  name: couchbase-pv
  storage: 5Gi
  version: v1
  vol_id: vol-47f59cce
  vol_type: aws_ebs


Short Type Skeleton
PersistentVolume skel

Here's a starter skeleton of a Short PersistentVolume.

  fs: ext4
  modes: rw-once
  name: pv0001
  storage: 5Gi
  version: v1
  vol_id: pd-disk-1
  vol_type: gce_pd