Drone Plugin for Koki Short

Define all your Kubernetes manifests using Koki Short, and use this drone plugin to automatically convert the Short manifests into K8s manifests on the fly

Use Koki Short in your Projects

  base: /go
  path: src/github.com/koki/short-drone-plugin

      image: kokster/short-drone-plugin:0.3.0
      - deployment.yaml

This will convert deployment.yaml to kube_deployment.yaml, which is the kubernetes manifest equivalent to deployment.yaml. The next steps in the pipeline will now be able to use kube_deployment.yaml

Configuration Options

Option Type Description
files []string Input files relative to root of the project which is being built using drone
overwrite bool Set to true to allow output files to be overwritten. (default false)
in_place bool Set to true to translate files in place. (default false). Should always be used with overwrite: true
prefix string The prefix of the output file created. (default kube_)